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Why use the same maintenance company for planned and emergency maintenance?

Unfortunately, equipment can have a nasty habit of breaking at the most inconvenient of times. This can often attract hefty call out fees for emergency maintenance, to say nothing of a loss of productivity, and income, that you may suffer whilst an important piece of machinery is out of action.

This is why it is well worth considering using a maintenance company to provide you with planned maintenance to your machinery on a regular, scheduled basis.

What is planned maintenance?

Planned maintenance, or servicing, is exactly as the name suggests; maintenance that is carried out on a planned basis. In the case of machines that is used on a regular basis, this might mean that they are checked every couple of months or a twice a year, depending on what type of industry and how much work they do. Planned maintenance can be done at a time that suits you so that you lose as little production time as possible. Not only will this ensure that your machinery is cleaned on a regular basis it is also useful when it comes to spotting any parts that might be on their way out. This will allow the company who are carrying out the maintenance to order any parts required to minimise your downtime.

Emergency maintenance

If your machinery breaks down suddenly then you will need to call someone out as soon as possible to fix it. Not only may this mean paying a call out fee, but it could also mean some extra downtime, especially if they are not able to complete a repair straight away, for example if they need to order a part.

When you use the same company for both types of maintenance you will find there are a number of benefits:

  • They are already familiar with the machinery that you have on site and may carry some spare parts
  • As a planned maintenance company, they will already have a relationship with your company and may be able to provide you with emergency maintenance at shorter notice than another company
  • You are assured of the same quality of service and attention to detail with all of the maintenance work that you require

The benefits of using the same company for all of your maintenance, both emergency and planned, are numerous and will benefit your company on a number of levels.

If you’re interested in how Hereco could help you with both planned and emergency maintenance, we’d be delighted to talk to you about our service.

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