We carry out a wide variety of work each week but below is a selection of work completed...

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High winds had damaged the fascia's at the property. We accessed with high access lift and replaced the sections as required.



We installed birds mouth fencing along the perimeter of the centre to stop vehicles using the hedges as a cut through. 

Wall damage


Repairs needed to be made to the stone walling as vehicles when parking where prone to hitting the wall. We also installed wheel bumps to aid in protecting the wall.

External Lighting


Routine maintenance completed at one of the facilities in relation to external lighting.

Steel Door Installation


Supplied and installed new High Security steel door with keypad lock at a property.

Street Lighting Column


Vehicular damage to a lighting column, made safe then supplied and fitted new replacement column and LED lighting luminaire. ​​

Roofing Maintenance


The hip tiles at one of the facilities had lost all mortar and had slipped. All removed, cleaned and re-bedded them back into situ.

Safety Flooring


We removed the old flooring, prepared and screeded the floor and installed new vinyl Polyflooring as required.

Bin Store

One of our customers required a secure storage area to hold there bins. We built on site a timber store as required.