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3 Things Facility Managers Can’t Afford To Get Wrong

The facilities manager has a lot of responsibilities, but the most important one is to ensure that the facilities allow employees have a safe and comfortable place to work, ensuring that they can undertake their tasks efficiently. For such a crucial role, there are a number of elements which, if not managed appropriately, could put the role of facilities management at risk, as well as creating potential health and safety issues. Read on to find out which three things we believe a facilities manager cannot afford to get wrong.


Advancements in technology are happening at pace. Increasingly, systems in the workplace are being designed to be ‘smart machines’ i.e. they are able to communicate wirelessly with each other and with the people operating them (sometimes referred to as the ‘Internet of things’ or industry 4.0). The data from these systems is crucial for a facilities manager in order to understand efficiency and productivity, as well as being able to anticipate problems before they occur. Prevention has the potential to save an organisation a significant amount of money, therefore the facilities manager must ensure they are up to speed with the latest technology and innovation in their field.


As well as being up to speed with health and safety legislation, a facilities manager must be well informed about the regulations that apply to their organisations work site. Here are examples of the types of law and regulation that may need to be considered;

  • Is the activity undertaken in your buildings approved for that type of site/area/
  • Does your site have comply with local signage and advertisement guidelines?
  • Check if additional permits are required and for what i.e. special events
  • Is the site you work on, including the buildings, subject to any special instructions which may impact on any maintenance or restorative work your organisation wants to undertake?

Good partnerships

The saying ‘you’re only as good as the team you work with’ couldn’t be more appropriate for the role of a facilities manager. During an emergency, you will likely be the first point of contact, with senior management expecting operations to resume as quickly as possible.  During crisis situations you need to make sure you have a good team around you and that you’re able to call on the services of a maintenance company as soon as possible. Having a reputable, accredited maintenance company on speed dial is a must for any facilities manager. Look to partner with a firm that is known for excellent customer service and experienced in a range of maintenance services.

Here at Hereco, we’re ready, willing and more than capable of helping take at least some of the stress out of a facility manager’s role. Reliable cost-effective reactive and planned maintenance services are something we excel at, ensuring that facility managers have at least one less thing to worry about getting right.



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